Tuesday, June 27, 2006

kinky omens, procrastination, and bathroom deodorizer

Seen from my bedroom window, the overcast sky seems less ominous. It does not foretell disasters. It merely hints at kinky omens. The fragrance of a garishly colored candle on my bed stand reminds me of bathroom deodorizer. It also reminds me to head off to the bathroom and take a shower before I run late for work today. Traffic will probably be bad and street urchins will have a grand time dousing windshields with soaped water in exchange for a few coins. Vendors will have a brisk sale of umbrellas that won’t open after the third use. Expletives and cusswords will come flying like bees as motorists try to outdo each other in owning the road. And I, well, I will be saddled with thoughts of things I should’ve done but didn’t do. The allure of procrastination and the beauty of regret that hounds it. The office party I missed last Friday has nothing to do with this. Nor the LF anniversary party last Saturday, where, after having psyched myself to down at least a dozen beers, I ended up finishing only half a bottle because I had LBM. Having LBM at a party is a disaster worse than the Great Deluge. Worse, indeed, than how doomsayers interpret the overcast sky outside my window right now. But I’ll have a worse fate if I don’t prepare to go to work now. The road will be swarming with procrastinators rushing to get to their offices today. And believe me, it will not be a good sight.

It’s great to be back.

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