Wednesday, April 06, 2005

counseling a friend

If I were in her shoes, would I have done the same thing? Sure it is easy for me to dish out advice and to view the situation from afar. But an armchair analyst’s ruminations can never really claw at the flesh to minutely scrutinize the tendons and ligaments. It merely takes in the body as a whole and passes judgment sans the inconvenience of anxieties that could only come from personally experiencing the ordeal. It is this anxiety, however, that compels one to think hard. It is this anxiety that may salvage a life that precariously flounders in the sea like a flotsam.

Sure I have had trysts with married women before. But these were devoid of feelings, merely urges of the flesh. Can these compare to what she is going through? Am I clear-headed enough to give her a piece of my mind regarding her situation?

Would my advice be as valid as what she herself will have figured out after some serious self-introspection? Perhaps not. Perhaps she could do better. Her mind is just blurred with passion and fear. Being at the verge of jumping into an unknowable abyss, she hangs stubbornly onto the thought that her love might not be enough to cushion the fall, or to heal the wounds that she will sustain from it.

As she drank her calamansi juice across the table at Nipa Hut last night, I knew that, whatever I said would just probably be saturated with a million other feelings, thoughts, and fears that are currently tussling in her head.

I’ve done my part. I will just wait until she does hers. And we will both proceed from there.



At 11:46 AM, Blogger weng said...

i have always said that men treat you to the extent you allow them to. getting involved with a married guy is the lowest form of humiliation... for me that is. i wouldn't presume to know how she's feeling right now but as the cliche goes, 'been there, done that, never liked it' =D

she deserves a lot more. hope she finds her way out of a possibly difficult situation. sometimes we just need to get it into our stubborn head that love ain't just enough.

At 1:35 PM, Blogger slim whale said...

unfortunately, her predicament is a lot more complicated than that. and it aldready IS "a difficult (potentially life-threatening) situation." from the start, i've been telling her to cut it before it blossomed into something deeper. but someone who's so in love wouldn't just listen to well-meaning advice from friends and family.

without passing any judgment, i presented her all the possible consequences (including the worst) and made her choose where she wants the course of her life to go. i can only hope she chooses well...

At 2:51 PM, Blogger weng said...

oh well, friends can only do as much... pasaway talaga yang pag-ibig na yan! mwehe! =D

have a good day ahead mon ami!


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