Friday, August 12, 2005

lists, lists...

Swimbud tagged me. I didn’t know it would be this hard to come up with lists of seven this or seven that. Anyhow, I survived it. There’s nothing to it, really. It’s just like finally getting your constipated shit out. Relief. That is good.

So here’s my shit.

Seven things I can do:
1) In one sitting, I can devour seven cups of rice, three different dishes (just veggies and fish, no red meat please), a basket of fruits, cakes, desserts, and drink three liters of water. I can do this thrice a day, everyday, without gaining a single pound. And I am not exaggerating.
2) swim at least 20 laps in an Olympic-size pool without stopping
3) fall asleep five minutes after resting my back on anything
4) fuck up my life and get out of the mess unscathed
5) speak French and a little German
6) walk long distance without getting tired
7) write in a flowing, elegant hand reminiscent of seventeenth-century calligraphy

5 CDs in your player:
1. Jonathan Larsen’s Rent
2. a collection of French songs by French artists
3. Les Misérables, 10th anniversary concert
4. Aida
5. Secret Garden

Seven things that scare me:
1) earthworms
2) murderers
3) hold-uppers
4) muggers
5) not finding meaning in life
7) myself

5 things I can't do (but tried):
1. be on time
2. project a friendly face to people I hate
3. wake up early
4. gain weight
5. lick my own ass

Seven things I like the most:
1) traveling abroad
2) drinking kiwi or mango shake with yogurt
3) lying on my belly while reading books
5) luscious red wine
6) tofu
7) sleeping in the nude

5 movies I’ve seen recently:
1. Sandalang House (at the digital Film Fest in Megamall)
2. The Machinist
3. White Chicks (on DVD)
4. Dance with Me (also on DVD. I wonder why J-Lo keeps on getting movie offers even if a piece of driftwood can show a wider range of emotions than she ever could. It must be the boobs.)
5. Fantastic Four (yes, I’ve seen that crap. Now shoot me.)

Seven important things in my room:
1) my diaries
2) books
3) computer
4) toys I played with as a kid
5) pictures I painted/drew
6) fluffy pillows
7) electric fan (I still live in the Paleolithic era)

5 nice things that happened to me lately:
1. had dinner with Adie and Ramil in an Italian Restaurant in Glorietta
2. a friend gave me a pencil case
3. I trimmed my toenails.
4. Just leave it at that. The rest are not so nice.

Seven random thoughts on things:
1) If it’s too slippery and you can’t seem to get a good grasp, then don’t hang on. Learn to let go, stupid!
2) I wonder what my booger thinks whenever I pick it out of my nose and stick it under my table
3) Belief in a supernatural being does not necessarily translate to maturity. I wrote this in one of my egroups, in reaction to a friend’s insinuations about spirituality being the offshoot of maturity.
4) I feel like eating a bowl of yogurt with chunks of mangoes
5) We all get crucified and impaled and humiliated in front of a drooling pack of hypocrites for harboring unpopular views.
6) I don’t know what to do with my life.
7) I’m not weird. You are.

I’m supposed to pass this to five old friends and seven new ones. But since I’m no good at following rules (who the heck made these rules anyway) and I don’t want my inbox to be jammed with more than its normal dose of hate mails, I’ll just tag the following people. Ok, don’t panic, keep calm. Just send your death threats after making your own list. Or just forget that I tagged you.

1. Weng
2. Dionne and Joven
3. Tet
4. Marc
5. Yobeenoh
6. Sunset Eyes
7. Rmacapobre
8. muddy nights
9. Jen
10. All right, enough. That will do. Tired of copying and pasting links.

Transience, you should send me a gift for not tagging you, again!


At 7:12 PM, Blogger bismuth said...

i have respect for people who can tolerate and actually like any of the three:
1. eggplant
2. okra
3. tofu
because i can't.
and referring to your post on the ex and lusty moons. aren't they the best? i mean, they know so much about you and you know so much about them and you don't know how the hell it ended and yet, you like what you have now.

At 9:19 PM, Anonymous swim_bud said...

Do you do a really mean fly?

If I ask nicely, will you show me?

You see, it has always been my problem stroke.


At 10:44 PM, Blogger transience said...

your gift will be my thanks. and you have interesting things on there. but i love that you sleep naked. kindred spirit, you are.

At 12:12 AM, Blogger snst_blvd said...


could i just pretend i didn't see my name? lol ^_^

At 2:22 PM, Blogger weng said...

whoa! this made me think, big time!

At 1:38 AM, Blogger Abaniko said...

incidentally, i have all the cd's you mentioned except for number 2. oh, well. coincidences happen.

At 9:18 AM, Blogger jenjaded said...

rmacapobre is an officemate. hahaha. i just thought i recognized the blog. at tama nga ako! small world.

At 9:20 AM, Blogger jenjaded said...

as for eggplant, okra, and tofu -- give me eggplant anytime! i can't stomach okra though. tofu is.. well.. hmmm...

At 9:38 AM, Blogger slim whale said...

bismuth--i love those three you mentioned. especially tofu.

she's not even my ex. we never had a relationship. she's just a dear friend. prob the best i've ever had.

swimbud--nope, that's just breast and crawl. fly, unfortunately, is also my problem stroke. hehe. i can only do, at best, five or six strokes of fly then i'm done.

transience--darn. and i thought you'll send me a retinue of servants and sex slaves from your island. i've been looking forward to sleeping naked with them.

sunset--hahaha! NO! no, really, you can just ignore this shit. it's not like you'll gonna be hexed if you don't answer it.

weng--think about what?

abaniko--wow! really? cool! coincedence? or cosmic anomaly? hehe

jenjaded--really? oo nga eh, i know he's from cebu. say 'salut' to him for me.

okra and tofu are great

At 1:31 PM, Blogger rmacapobre said...


est-ce qu'elle me connaît vraiment?

sept choses que je peux faire

1. je peux jouer avec l'ordinateur pour 24h et plus.
2. je peux être seul.
3. je pense que je peux vivre sans de la viande.
4. je peux faire des programs. (C++)
5. je peux faire des dessins.
6. je peux conduire le côté d'est d'al à ma.
7. je peux lire un peu de anglais et français.

At 3:20 PM, Blogger slim whale said...

Max—ouais, elle m’a écrit qu’elle te connaît. tu connais les nouveaux employees la?

Etre seule te donne la paix que rien ne te peux donner.

At 5:02 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"lick my own ass" - at least you've tried :P (huh?) hehehehehe

Adonis Estrada

At 5:37 PM, Blogger slim whale said...

adonis--next time, i'll just order someone to lick it for me. there's no fun in kissing one's ass. too pathetic. thanks for dropping by


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