Friday, August 19, 2005

the rite of the wretched

In a strange dream, I find myself walking amid the ruins of an ancient cathedral. The vaulted ceiling has long caved in, leaving a yawning hole that sucks in the harsh heavens. I cannot tell if it is day or night, but everything seems to have the sheen of dusk and the lust of dawn. The tainted walls still stand looking like a confused chessboard with gothic apertures where stained glass once held court. Scattered on the cracked granite floor are shards of colored glass, decapitated heads of stone gods, grimy vestments, empty reliquaries, and brass candelabras. So that’s how they look when stripped of sanctity, forsaken by the gods they used to symbolize. Like an archbishop on his way to the high altar, I wade through this mass of desecrated objects while sniffing the rotting air. Floating near the walls, spirits of dead cardinals scorn me. With my frosty eyes, I order them to return to their sarcophagi and mind their own decomposition. You have had your time to corrupt the masses. It’s time for eternal repose now, or perpetual damnation.

Up on the altar, I see numerous headless gods smug in their own niches. They loom large and regal like buffoons. Upon their feet is the long, marble table where sacerdotal cult masters once transubstantiated wafers into flesh of the Tortured One. Around the table is a pack of maimed, toothless, and stinking paupers. Some are dressed in tattered brown robes, some have slung tainted curtains on their bony frames, and some are totally naked. I understand at once that this is the rite of the stinking, the damned, and the wretched. The sweet revenge of the despised is to claim the high altar of their masters and recreate the ritual all over again, according to the Gospel of their own Torment.

They all pause and regard me with vicious eyes. One of them leers and sticks out her lesioned tongue to me. A couple stops from their dull fornication and look at me blankly. A naked man motions me to come forward with his dagger.

I walk toward them, unflinching. I suddenly realize that I, too, am naked. With my flesh quivering and my genitals dangling limply with every step, I come forward, letting them ogle at or deride my nakedness. Somehow, I know exactly what I’m there for. And I know exactly what to do.

Without saying a word, I climb on top of the marble table and lay there. They congregate around me like a pack of wolves salivating on their prey. I hear a surreal chant from one of them. It is hard to tell which one. At the end of the chant, the naked man raises his dagger and says an incantation in a strange language. I close my eyes.

Then I wake up.

And I realize that it is not a dream at all.



At 1:55 PM, Blogger rmacapobre said...

A naked man motions me to come forward with his dagger.

is dagger here a euphimism for a mans member?


oo nga. nuon. patay na patay ako sa mga mestizo at mestiza. pero ngayon parang mas hilig na pala ako sa mga moreno at morena. siguro dala ng pagtanda? ^_^

At 2:02 PM, Blogger rmacapobre said...

dungeons and dragons

you seem to know about rpg gaming: dnd 3rd edition? we are looking for more players for an email campaign. voici le lien je joue général romaeus. un nain prêtre.

At 2:23 PM, Blogger slim whale said...

rmacapobre--hahaha! a dick? nope, that's just a dagger. plain and simple. i'd rather call a spade a spade. so if i meant a penis, i would've written 'dick' or 'cock' or 'prick', etc. hehe.

brown skin turns me on. really.

Malheureusement, je ne joue pas dungeons and dragons. J’imagine ce que j’ai écrit ici.

At 4:23 PM, Blogger bismuth said...

this is interesting. fancy a cult? just joshing. somehow morena skin evokes profound sensuality, although i also know some very sexy pale-skinned ones. but of course i'm quite prejudiced too.

At 6:24 PM, Anonymous muddynights said...

tsk tsk tsk... so freudian... :)

At 6:42 PM, Blogger snst_blvd said...

morenas rule! hehe.. ^_^

you write very well slim. i heart you already.

At 11:14 PM, Blogger monsilicious said...

1. Cathedral ruins - your views about "religion"

2. The people inside the church i.e. the stinking paupers - your views about society

3. Nakedness - Exposing your "true" self......vulnerability

4. Cimbing on top of the marble table(a willing sacrifice) - you are ready to expose your "true" self no matter what the odds and consequences

5. The Dagger - Phallus symbol

comment ko: You have the pieces of the puzzle...try to see the big picture.....your subconscious mind is trying to say something urgent to you about your sexuality and on how your views about organized religion and societal norms affect your willingness to find the "one" for you....

At 12:50 AM, Blogger bullish1974 said...

uhm, doh!? don't fool us, dude. that "dagger" thing really meant "dick". or "titi". come on.

At 4:08 AM, Blogger ennui said...

u probably have certain issues about religion and sexuality and it's time for u to kill that which u can't reconcile.

At 2:06 PM, Blogger Jules said...

bullish is right... i think! hehehe.... titi ata yung dagger!

anyway, good intro.. keep it up. if you can do a longer fuller story, I'm sure the Palanca contest will consider it.

At 10:57 AM, Blogger slim whale said...

bismuth--the "dark ages" appeal of cults fascinates me.

morena skin looks creamy and succulent.

muddy nights--oh jeez, do you see electra/oedipus complex, anal, rectal, fecal stages and phallic symbols? well, apparently, they all see the dagger as a phallus, ehehe. damn my 'id.'

sunset eyes--hey, thanks. yeah, morenas rule. and morenos too, because i am.

monsilicious--wow, this is a very competent psychological reading. and you are so right in all respects, except that i've long settled everything there is to settle about religion and sexuality ages ago. i've been an agnostic (leaning toward atheism) for more than ten years now. and i've maintained a very liberal, permissive sexual perspective and behavior. so, maybe, just maybe, my subconscious meant something else here? i don't know. thanks for the free consultation, mr. shrink.

as to societal norms shackling one's true self, yes, that's exactly my view on society in general, but not for myself specifically because, as i've said, i've discarded enough norms, rules, institutions, and religious beliefs to still feel imprisoned and trapped. that's why they all think i'm weird. i'm a nonconformist.

gee, i'm revealing too much of myself already. i hate this blog.

bullish--darn, does my "id" tell me to go after dicks, then? ok, i'll let you know when i've already played with someone else's "dagger." i can try anything once, i think.

ennui--read my reply to monsilicious.

julsitos--there goes that dagger thing again, damn. i should've written "potato" or "jar of pickles" instead of "dagger."

palanca, oh no, still don't have the talent for that. not yet.

At 11:22 AM, Anonymous psychobabbles said...

....At the end of the chant, the naked man raises his dagger and says an incantation in a strange language. I close my eyes....

'dagger' here as euphemism or symbol for a dick? hahaha. what's this? Psychoprofiling by Phallocentrics 101. sorry. can't help it... replace dagger with dick or penis or titi or utin in the statement above and you get what goes in my sick head.

the strange incantation would probably be... "anaknaampucha, natanggal etits ko....." then he tries to attach it back, to no avail.... then the Looney Tunes music and end credits comes onscreen....

At 11:43 AM, Blogger slim whale said...

maybe i should rewrite this shit and include Bugs Bunny with a detachable dick.

puro titi naman ang pinag-uusapan dito. puke at kiki naman. unfair yan.

At 1:14 PM, Blogger jenjaded said...

okay, so parang karamihan sa nag-comment ni-dissect na ang entry mo.

they can't seem to stop talking about your "seeming" reference to the penis though.

at dyan ako natatawa! rofl

tama na nga yang mga penis, boobs naman. lol!

At 1:32 PM, Blogger slim whale said...

jenjaded--oo nga eh. puro titi na lang ang comments eh. samahan nyo nman ng kiki para maging happy titi sya.

dick and cunt in one body. haha. hermaphrodite pala. hahaha

At 4:18 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mrs. M - PRESENT...Hoy, bakit hindi mo pa ako binabati? Wala akong paki kung busy ka, basta i-greet mo na ako!

At 11:22 AM, Blogger Jules said...

slim, just shows Pinoys have this wierd radar for Sexual Association with Inanimate Objects.

well, more titi-llating stories next time! ;)

btw, national and powerbooks are having their booksales. did you find any good titles? oh, and the Manila Book Fair is gonna be this week at World Trade...

At 11:21 PM, Blogger monsilicious said...

Slimwhale magsulat ka na ng bagong blog entry.....ang tagal mo nang walang post ;P Aantayin ka yan!

At 12:59 PM, Blogger slim whale said...

one time i'd post about my sexual activiies here.

haven't been there yet. but i'm going to check out the book fair next week. you know what, i still have some unread books from last year's fair! i can be that busy sometimes. maybe we'd bump into each other there, if you're going.

monsilicious--yeah, had no connection for a week. i'm just in a cafe right now. next week siguro.


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